Juggling ideas and waiting…

     I want to create a successful YouTube, blog, and most recently, my own freelance writing business. It’s amazing how many online resources are available to help you through the confusing start-up process. 

     Though YouTube is my last priority due to lack of a  computer or camera that films, it won’t leave my mind. I have an itch to create and edit and find new creative ways to show my emotion through videos. I find myself jotting down ideas day in and day out! I can’t get my hands on a laptop soon enough. My bills next month should be significantly lower, so maybe if I’m lucky I’ll get my hands on one. 

     This WordPress site is not my blog. It is simply a platform holding me over until I buy my own domain. It encourages me to write every day (even though I don’t post that often) and constantly write down new post ideas. I can’t help but to think that this whole not having a laptop thing is holding me back, but it’s really not. I can create drafts, ramble on until my hands cramp from typing, and connect with others just like a ‘real’ blog. 

     Finally, I am in the very beginning stages of creating my own online freelance writing business. I’m doing my research and have confidence that when I launch it correctly, it will be successful. I’ve always enjoyed writing and I picture freelancing for the experience until my blog picks up and I can focus primarily on that. 

       As I reread all of this, I see it all sounds very hopeful. But I’m determined. I have a goal set- to make two grand a month through all of this within six months from now. That gives me plenty of time. That gives me room for growth and success and I can only plea to my future self that she sticks with it and doesn’t get discouraged! 

      It has been a personal goal of mine since early this year to create a future for myself in which I’ll never have to work at 5:30PM again. I’m in the very very beginning stages of getting there, but I am on my way! 


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